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Muscle Log

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体育 健康健美
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[Note] Please use this if you want to do some serious muscle training!

There are 127 strength excercises you can do !
The full-scale muscle training management iPhone app includes training for the whole body, such as chest, belly, shoulder, foot.
It is EASY to record your muscle training while working out in the gym when you use Muscle log .
You can record your training and use training menus instead of writing on paper.

It is possible to know, such as dinosaurs and the space shuttle, how much total weight you have lifted so far, so you can enjoy your workout every time!

Rich features
• Supports muscle training of the whole body including chest, belly, shoulder, foot.
• There are 127 excercises
• You can know how much total weight you have lifted and compare it to the "Great Buddha of Nara" and the "Statue of Liberty".
To Save weight
• You can start the most recent work outs easily..
• It shows you people who work out in real time.
* Create a workout *
There are template workouts designed for different purposes, such as the "I want to assign the abs".
• Can use the workout record easily if you register it once.
* Edit Workout *
• The function searching exercise with body region or the way of training or training name.
* Record Exercise *
• Records weight, number, interval, set, and comments.
• Copy as many as the exercise sets you set
• Support training methods such as negative rep.
• Easily input by tapping once from the record of the workout run last time.
• Your own weight automatically input (weight training)
* Record your workout *
• Screen-lock function
• Measure the execution time of the workout
• Record the tone of your condition
• Record memos of the workout that you are doing.
• The simple tweet and facebook feed
* Log a workout *
• List of the workout that you performed in the past
• Edit log
• Create a new workout from the log by tapping once

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